Commercial Cleaning

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By using Northcenter’s Master Cleaning Service well keep your
Carpet Clean, Tile/Grout, Flooring Striped & Waxed, Furniture Free of Stains,
Clear of Wear, Weather, Dust, & Dirt.

For more than 100 years, Northcenter has serviced office buildings, hotels, motels, industrial, professional, and institutional complexes, as well as Municipal & County public facilities, condominiums, apartment buildings, and residences.

What is the Northcenter Master Cleaning Service?

Our program is designed to meet your needs. It’s been proven that preventive cleanings are far more efficient than old-time methods. They maintain a more uniform level of original color because dirt and stains are not allowed to accumulate between cleanings. These preventive cleanings are faster and easier to perform than corrective cleanings, resulting in provable cost savings. With our preventive cleanings the life of your carpets can be extended up to three times longer than with the old cleaning method.

We use the latest cleaning technologies, efficient systems, and superior products.
Our professional cleaning specialists are fiber experts who have passed the rigid exams required for certification by the International Institute of Carpet and Uphostery Cleaning. Our truck fleet has completely equipped mobile units & on-the spot service, day or night and on weekends. We offer a contracted maintenance program by the week, month, or year based upon your needs & budget.

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