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At Northcenter Rug Cleaners, Inc., we have built our reputation and success on two things: quality products & exceptional service. We represent all of the top manufacturers of carpet, ceramic tile, vinyl sheet, tile, wood, granite and marble to offer custom installations of all kinds with full warranties


We have the largest, most modern cleaning plant in the Midwest. Our main machine is housed in a building that was specifically built around it because of the machine’s size of 19 feet wide, 70 feet long, and 3 stories tall.


Between our two locations in Chicago, Illinois and Stone Park, Illinois, we offer Area Rug Cleaning, Repair, New Flooring Sales and Installation Services you need to keep your flooring looking great and up to date. 


Northcenter has been cleaning oriental, and custom rugs since 1917. Our cleaning machinery is the backbone of the company, it’s how we got started in the the flooring business. We now offer all services for your flooring’s needs. 

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Since 1917

Northcenter has been cleaning loose, oriental, & custom rugs since 1917.  Our cleaning machinery is the backbone of the company — it’s how we got started in the the flooring business.

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We have been in the Flooring Business over 100 years. You can trust us with your carpet!

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Our U-Turn deodorizing process saturates the rug on both sides with a nano technology formula that breaks the carbon bonds into organic molecules, including urine, which are then broken down and can be lifted off the rug. This process is a green, bio-based, hypo-allergenic process that is highly effective & completely gentle on the rug. When coupled with our immersion cleaning process, we guarantee this is the most powerful method for eliminating urine and other organic odors.

In Plant Cleaning the area rugs are thoroughly dusted and washed, completely through. Verse In-Home cleaning for loose area rugs is a topical clean and does not completely rid the rug of dirt and particles. In-Home Cleaning can also damage your flooring underneath the area rug, as well as not completely dry correctly and create mold. 

In our conventional process, rugs are first sprayed with high pressure detergent to loosen and suspend soil and spots. They are then gently scrubbed with additional emulsifiers after which they go through a triple rinse system to rinse out all soil. Next, the rugs go through a wringer to squeeze out excess water. The rugs then move down the conveyor, and are taken upstairs into the drying room. After eight hours of regulated heat, the rugs are brought down. Then, fringes, if applicable, are cleaned by hand to whiten to original color, and brushed to remove any tangles.

In the immersion process, rugs are placed into the Centrum Star Rug Washing Tub where a paddle wheel agitates the wash water which includes a special solution to prevent color bleeding or cross contamination. The turbulent motion of the wash water draws soil and debris off of the rug and into the water. This mimics the gentle motion of hand washing, cleaning the rug without use of brushes or other mechanical forces. After being removed from the tub, fringes, if applicable, are gently scrubbed. The rugs are then placed into a centrifuge where they are spun at an extremely high velocity to remove water leaving the rugs slightly damp to touch. The rugs then go into the drying room for a short time, or, alternatively, are dried with the use of air blowers. Air-blowers are typically used when browning is a concern, as it can be for many acrylic or light colored rugs. Then the rugs are vacuumed and brushed to ensure that no loose dirt or hair was left in the fibers. Lastly, they are wrapped in paper and ready for pick-up or delivery.

We will move around liftable furniture like Couches, Tables and Chairs. We ask that all small items are previously moved before we get there like decor, toys and such. We do not move larger things like Beds, Cabinets, or Amiores.

We are at your Service! Not only are we specialists in Area Rug Cleaning, but we also have a team of Professional Technicians for In-Home Carpeting and Upholstery Cleaning. 

Yes we specialize in Custom Repairs of Fringing, Serging, Binding, Patching, Rehooking, & Re-attaching loose backing. We discuss all options of cost and repair before any work is done.