Area Rug Pad

Area Rug Pad – Protect Your Flooring

Having a rug pad extends the life of your area rug and floors.
Padding provides increased comfort, decreased damage to your floor from furniture, muffles sound, increases air flow and allows the area rug to “breathe”. Vacuuming also becomes easier by the rug staying in place.
Please read about our 3 pads below No-Muv, Non-Slip, or Felt Pad & find the Perfect Pad that will be Custom Cut for your Area Rug.

Types of Pad


  • No-Muv Pads
    are our Best Pad
  • Rubber & Felt
  • Gives extra comfort
  • Keeps rugs in place
  • Great on carpet
  • On carpet, the rubber side should be touching the area rug
  • Can be cleaned,
    increasing the life
  • $$$ – Based on Size


  • Non-Slip Pads
    helps rugs from bunching or moving.
  • Rubberized mesh pad
  • Gives a slight cushion
  • Cannot be cleaned
  • Will not last as long as a No-Muv pad
  • $$ – Based on Size


  • Felt Pads
    are used when movement will not occur
  • Gives extra cushion
  • Does not help with movement
  • Cannot be cleaned
  • Might not last as long as No-Muv pad
  • $$ – Based on Size