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Area Rug Cleaning

Our Specialty

Since 1917

Our experts will take the Time & Effort necessary to ensure your rug looks its Best. Unlike many other cleaners, we clean your rugs thoroughly, not just topically, that is why all area rugs are cleaned in our cleaning plant. 

We are happy to offer tours of our facility to show the rug cleaning process! 

How We Clean Your Fine Rugs

Conventional Vs. Immersion


  • Rugs are Dusted
  • Deodorized if requested
  • Sprayed with high pressure detergent to suspend Soil
  • Gently scrubbed with emulsifiers
  • Triple Rinse System to rid out soil
  • Rugs go through a wringer to squeeze out excess water
  • Sent to our Climate Controlled Drying Room.
  • Fringes, (if applicable) are cleaned by hand to whiten to original color & brushed
  • Rugs are vacuumed & brushed to ensure that no dirt or hair was left
  • Wrapped in Paper or Storage Wrap of your Choice
  • Sent Back Home, Clean & Fresh


  • Rugs are spun in the Centrum Star Rug Washing Bath.
  • The Bath includes a special solution to prevent color bleeding and cross contamination.
  • The turbulent gentle motion of the wash draws soil & debris out.
  • This mimics motion of hand washing, without use of brushes or other mechanical forces.
  • The rugs are spun individually at a high velocity to remove water.
  • Up to the drying room or they are dried with air blowers.
  • Rugs are vacuumed & brushed to ensure that no dirt or hair was left
  • Fringes, are gently done by hand
  • Lastly, they are wrapped in paper and ready for pick-up or delivery.